Hello, I’m Lauren

I collaborate with community organizations, educational institutions, and individuals to build multilingual spaces and broaden language access. If you need Spanish to English translation, editing, and proofreading, or if you want to learn how language justice can positively affect your work, then let’s talk!

What is language justice?

Language justice is about changing how we communicate so that we can change our world. It honors the complexity of people’s cultures, histories, and languages. Creating relationships and spaces that are fully multilingual and integrally shaped by all participants not only helps your project reach wider audiences, but it also deepens the possibilities of what communities can accomplish by working together.

Language justice is a process and practice that may look different based on your context and goals. Translation is one central aspect of this process, ensuring your written and digital texts are accessible to, and shaped by, speakers of different languages. Let’s have a conversation about how translation can strengthen multilingualism in your organization or project.

About Me

I am a Spanish-to-English translator, editor, and proofreader. I am passionate about languages, community building, and developing multilingual spaces. I have been translating for 15 years.

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